An outfit is not just pieces of clothing and accessories you just put on, it is your layout, your personality, and your voice. Find your voice in your style, and let it speak for you. What you wear is who you are, but who you wear is just another designer. Incorporate your artistic self in your wardrobe, and not everything should be worn a certain way. The best of styles are the ones that further help us identify ourselves and show others who we are through our textile voices. 

Whether you’re into current trends, minimal fashion, boho chic or every single style out there (such as myself) etc. that’s who you are and how you portray yourself. And that my dear is how you’ll attract the persons that can relate and or with the same style.  

  Express, channel, and admire fashion for what it is and how you can make it your own Not only is it fun to wear, it also comes in handy those days you really don’t want to verbalize anything. Bring exposure to your wardrobe, but also leave a lot to the imagination.  😉 

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2 Replies to “Exposure ”

  1. Love the summer of roses, I will highly recommend this my friends!

    1. Thank you so much Nuna that’s good to hear and it’d be amazing

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