Twenty First Birthday Wish List 


Wish lists are highly unrealistic and fun, never hurt anyone to wish having something, right? Some lists can get expensive, some are out of this world. You see something you like? You add it to your wish list simply like that – pure imaginary. 

December is my birthday month, and never did I take my birthday seriously or even an important factor in life. To me it was always just another birthday and age, only recently did I realize I’m turning twenty one and there’s no going back – the age everything changed and you’re treated like an adult even if you’re still dreaming like a ten year old (which is never a crime).

For the past five years there are things I’ve wanted but never came around them, and using this year to commit to my little wants. 
Over the past few weeks I collected a small list of things I want for my twenty first birthday, and I’m glad to share it with you guys and not just my brain cells. 

  • Want to grab a friend and get lost somewhere in the city and take Polaroid pictures 
  • Try a new small coffee spot, and try at least three different home specialty brews
  • Pig out at an undiscovered pizza joint 
  • Visit the High Line Park 
  • Play dress up without actually buying anything 
  • Meet new people on the way and take more pictures with them 
  • Eat more pizza at a little pizza joint
  • Find our way out of the city only to end up in Coney Island 
  • And since this year my birthday is landing on a Friday, go to Luna park and watch the fireworks from the beach. 

And that my friends, is what I want for my twenty first birthday. Thank you for reading and being awesome. I’d love to hear about your wish list so comment below. 


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