The Minimalists Edit (Introduction) 

The Minimalists Edit

When we started this blog our focal point was direct on minimalist fashion. For a while I thought that’s what I wanted, until I began to start writing. My aesthetic was more the minimal but less than the ordinary. However, my lifestyle, and most of my style choices are catagorized minimal, and that’s why I decided to create this page. My blog is going to to be like night and day going from this page to the rest, and I find it almost artistic. Like stepping into a modern arts museum to find not one but many different ways art was modernized. That’s how I feel about fashion. It’s ways of being worn, and the many different styles it has to offer.

The Minimal Edit page was created for the minimal women, and the women who like to wear everything. The wardrobe, the accessories, and everything in between. With picks of my own, and varieties I’ve chosen I introduce The Minialsts Edit.

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