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Men’s foot wear is a necessarily some of the shabbiest I love to pick and choose most. Now that winter is kicking it, let’s step into it fashionably. The collection of shoes I gathered is perfect for the rest of the year; from the fancy boot, to the casual sneaker. I’m sure you’ll love at least one or all pairs I chosen. Shop my favorite winter shoes below.

Sneakers are a personal favorite, and choosing the right ones are especially important. Here you’ll find casual, yet stylish sneakers for your everyday use. Dress it up, dress it down however you’d like.

1. Aureus – Evolutio $90.00

2. Lacoste – Indiana Sneakers – A75 $150.00

3. Steve Madden – Freedom Black $62.99






Spotting a good boot for men wasn’t my strengths for a while, until one time my friend had a terrible choice in boots I really hoped they’d kick him one day for purchasing them. So in dedication to all men with bad shoe syndrome, I have the perfect pair for you. Either dressy, casual or rugged, shop these goodies below.

1. UGG – Steiner Black 129.95

2. Aldo – Asawia Boots $75.00

3. Trask – Fallen Bourbon  $151.91



I know finding love in the right pair of shoes is hard, especially if your style is more luxurious than your pockets.I really hope this post helped you, and you found love in a pair or two. Do be sure to check me out through my social media below!

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2 thoughts on “Step Into Winter ”

  1. One of my favorite ways to shop for quality boots is second hand. I just found a fabulous pair of Frye boots at my favorite thrift for $4. Yes, you read that right… FOUR dollars. I have found some amazing finds at thrift shops – vintage, designer, furniture, etc. I even scored a Curtis Jere Raindrops sculpture for $10!

    1. Oh my god! Seriously, I had to read four dollars over 10 times. I have had plans to go to a thrift store for a while, but actually can’t find one near me at all. Whatever thrift you go to, is seriously the most shocking deals I’ve ever heard. Thank you, I’ll keep in mind I HAVE to go thrift shopping someday 🙂

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