Spring Trend TakeOver: Organza

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Now that spring is in, let’s talk about what’s bound to take over the fashion world by storm- if you thought organza you are correct my friend. Every season shares its own form of translucent clothing; either it’s tool, chiffon, fishnet or lace; if it’s sheer it’s in. Over the few years we have had multiple shows and trends of transparent fabrics- except for one: organza.

Organza speaks multiple languages in elegance, and beauty that we hardly see today. Happens to be the only fabric that’s sheer yet light still bounces off its surface. Although the material is beautiful and timeless, over the past few years it’s barely been used by designers worldwide; this year the organza ignorance about to change.

High-end designers such as Rosamosario, Givenchy and Phillip Lim have been incorporating the fabric into their designs as whole pieces and accents.

Phillip Lim
Philip Lim
Givenchy Tunic
Rosamosario Dress
The sheer and shiny material isn’t going to be seen in fast fashion as much as high end anytime soon, however they are beginning to make a slow appearance into the world of retail.

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Zara embroidered organza shirt
Sheer button up top
White organza tee
La Garçonne
Asos floral nude 2 piece

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