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For a while now there was always a minor battle between my skin and me. With every failed facial mask, and all the drying creams I decided to take a simpler route and it was the most effective non-complex routine I’ve had. Since my facial skin is sensitive and reacts to deep scrubs viciously I didn’t know how to keep my skin clean without making it feel like it was just rubbed on asphalt. 

My sister is skincare obsessed, and I sought out on a mission digging through her jungle of goodness; all her items and facial washes that I thought weren’t harmful. Then again the one that looks least sinister was the one that put my face in a bowl of flames. After days without touching my face I went back and found my holy grail tube of facial scrub. Yes, it did have little beads in them, however it was the most cleansing, refreshing, and invigorating scrub I’ve ever used. The savior of my skin is the St.Ives scrub, Even and Bright Pink Lemon and Mandarin Orange. St. Ives is famous for its apricot scrub; the same scrub that pretty much hates my skin. It’s either that or karma for ‘borrowing’ my sisters things. 

First, what I do is rinse my face with really warm water to open the pores and start melting the natural oils. After five minutes of doing just that I use less than a dime size of the scrub and start massaging it into my face in a circular motion. Particularly in a circular motion to cause some blood flow to the surface to release more oils and deepens the cleanse to wash out all pores. About a minute of doing that, I rinse my face with cool water. Cold water is good to close pores right away, this is important because you don’t want your pores to fill up with little dirts just after you cleaned it, right? Right, I thought so too. 

Secondly, after my face is dabbed dried I take 3 drops of cold pressed castor oil, rub my hands together to warm it up and press my palms onto my face. Do not rub it in, it’s better if pressed because you never want to rub your face. Castor oil is great for your skin; it doesn’t clog pores or cause breakouts. The thick consistency of the oil helps deeply moisturize your skin, and melts beautifully on it as well. When pressing the oil onto my face I make sure the corners of my eyes, lips and nose get a good amount of attention. This helps reduce wrinkles and frown lines. 

Your face is going to feel a little soggy/heavy after the castor oil, however the end result is always worth it. Castor oil does not leave a shiny residue on your skin and doesn’t help build up dirt. If anything, it prevents it from occurring. With my skin it looks matte with a little sheen which I do not mind at all. 

To consider all skin types are different and have various different needs, it’s understandable if this routine fails you. I recommend doing this once in the morning and again at night. If your skin reacts negatively stop using the castor oil, and or scrub. 
Disclaimer: St. Ives is not in relation with this post, nor am I paid to write about it. This is my personal skincare routine and I know well that it might not be helpful to many. 

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