Six Fourty Three AM 


It’s one of those nights at two am when you begin to really contemplate factors of your life achievements, but then come to a realization that you haven’t really achieved much- Tonight is one of those nights for me. Another sleepless night for this melodramatic insomniac.


It’s five am and I think about my blog, The name on reply, trying to find something new- different, heck! I don’t know what I was looking for. However what I do know is I love it. If only I learnt to blog, or whatever that is, before the site was created. Without the knowledge of a blogger, I am not phased. I know what I want to do and know what I love: Style, and writing. A plethora of writing. Now, how can I write more about style? I honestly have no idea, but that’s exactly what I look forward to the most; the building character of the blog.

In the past few months, from May when the blog was created I haven’t done much and I regret that. This morning at six am I came to the conclusion that my blog is run by a 20 year old named Sara, the rebellious unicorn and I can fill it up with whatever I want. I enjoy beauty, beautiful clothes, beautiful people, and beautiful things and most importantly: the people who created them. That’s what I want to do. Show them off, the people that deserve to be appreciated. In addition to that, one of the the main reasons I wanted to start it all was, I want gravitated readers. Looking forward to helping someone somewhere in the world, even if it is just one person, that’s more than enough for me. Girl, I got you. Boy, let me help you with those shoes.

I am StyleMeShar. The stallion behind it all. Shar being only half of my last name, I’m making it my brand, someone who I am. As I am really trying to kickstart my name, brand, whatever you call it I want it to be something that I’m proud of, and useful information to others.

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2 thoughts on “Six Fourty Three AM ”

  1. You are doing a wonderful job with your blog. I attempted blogging several years ago, but I was horrible at it. I never knew what to write about and when I did write something I almost always changed or deleted it. Don’t give up. Keep writing and growing. You’ve got this! 🙂

    This was my little blog. I have since realized I enjoy reading blog posts more than writing them. ; )

    1. Thank you so much! Really couldn’t continue with confidence, until people like you came along loving it. Blogging seems to challenge my brain and I try to use prompts sometimes. Just scribbling down the main points and filling them. It’s like school my room. I have just checked out the link you showed me, and my goodness you’re good. Sad that you stopped 🙁 vintage is perfect to write about! And. Literally read through all the posts, my favorite having to be “What Would Norma Watson Wear”. It saddens me that I’ve never watched, nor heard of the movie Carrie and now I want to hop on to watching it. Once again, thank you!!

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