Seven Twenty Six AM 


Six thirty four am. 

Another sleepless night and my mind is filled to the ridges. I’m going through the blog, and come to realize the “Uncategorized” section is my favorite. Being unspecified and filled with miscellaneous rambling from me is absolute perfection in my mind. 
Recently I became mindful of standards, and how much I hate it. The best of actions are the ones unseen in hindsight. All I knew and grew up with was specified, categorized, and foreseen. It was all too copy paste like, and a basic routine (I can’t stomach a routine for the life of me). 

After 20 years of living, life taught me otherwise. I can not copy paste and repeat what I was told and given; that is not how life works. At times like these of the nights turned morning days, the time usually spent is mostly thinking about life generally, for every single life out there. 

At eighteen I came to realize hearing “supposed to be…” was a pet peeve of mine. Life isn’t foreseen, can not be handwritten, and can not be planned. Plain and simple, arrangement is often unsuccessful, disastrous, and are not worth the time. 

At nineteen I began to let things happen, even if they had a negative impact. There I knew the same thing was bound to happen with the greater things in life. For a long term I was hesitant to allow more people into my life, and erased any friendship that was ever drawn. I came to a conclusion that I was being an idiot for refusing friendships. People come and go swiftly, and many stay grounded in your life forever. I learned to let it happen just because there is no cause. 
Six fifty five AM.

After years of silently contemplating the thoughts of standards, stereotypes etc. and how much I disagree and refuse to live a lifestyle surrounding them I write this in hopes I find more like me, or change someone’s mindset. Both sound great. 

P.S. I do not know what P.S. means, nor why it’s used.
P.S.S. I’m not going to even Google it.  

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2 thoughts on “Seven Twenty Six AM ”

  1. Really amazing. The way that you wrote this made me not wanna stop reading. I’m not one to normally to finish reading what I start, however, I did the exact opposite here. I love how you made the words with such flow. Amazing work Shar. Looking forward to your upcoming work.

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