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I go to a lot of formal events, and usually I’d wear little to no jewelry at all. I haven’t worn pearls yet but when I do it would be these pared up simply yet gracefully. Pearls add a sense of satisfaction to everything. Finding the right ones to wear as a set weren’t as easy as it looks. However, now they’re together looking all graceful and pretty shop them in the links below.

Shop Mizuki bangle -> (Here)  |. Shop Allurez earrings -> (Here)  |  Shop Fallen choker -> (Here)

Why I love them so much? The bangle features a slim gold band and that alone had me for it. Includes the smallest diamond on one end and a polished pearl on the other. The earnings are double sided and double the stunning. As for the choker, just like the bangle it is a gold wire that ends with the prettiest pearls. Bringing a modern grace to the pearl. Pearls -as they are rare- should be appreciated, well taken care of and loved.

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