Oils You’ll Need in Your Life


As the basic person that I am, I like to use  basic products. For example, I’m not fond of using 200 different moisturizers a day; 100 in the morning and 100 at night. Tossing out anything that says: “makes your skin look softer” and the products that claim “gets your hair looking fuller…” only because the stress word in those sentences that I always come across on an overpriced brand named product is look. Strongly I believe they think if you’re desperate, you’ll buy it, but things don’t have to be like that so I came up with natural ways to look amazing naturally without all that crap in a $50 dollar bottle that would make you look good.  

Natural oils are most likely the only substance you’ll want in your life, really. From an entire range of natural, virgin, and essential oils they have a place in your daily needs. 

What you’ll need in your life

Coconut oil: The holy grail of oils. For your hair, it nurtures the health of your hair, stimulates hair growth and makes each strand silky smooth. (Be wary of washing it completely off after two hours or overnight.)  Coconut oil is blissful for your skin too. After shaving during a shower massage the oil all over your skin then rinse off well. You don’t have to use body soap, let your skin soak up its goodness. I promise you, you’ll have smooth skin for life if you keep it up. If your facial skin is sensitive, you can also wash your face with coconut oil. But how you may ask? Wash your face with warm water, clear it up from the gunk it’s been through, then massage the oil into your skin. After you’ve done that, using a clean cloth damped of warm water pat your face (don’t rub) with it. Do this nightly and you’ll be sure to see a large difference. 

Castor oil: Promotes hair growth wildly and is the greatest moisturizer ever, especially for dry skin. Castor oil has a thick consistency, if you’re not able to tolerate it you can mix almond oil or even coconut oil to thin it up a notch. 

Sweet Almond Oil: The nut based oil is another great moisturizer (what oil isn’t?) and it’s the perfect substance for daily use. Use on your skin and hair daily if you get lazy of coconut oil. 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: I personally love olive oil. I cook with it, pure some over my hummus, pure it on my head I literally am probably 20% olive oil. The vitamin E in the oil is so great, even greater than coconut oil. Use it, I promise you’ll see huge results when you massage it into your scalp and you’ll begin to see a healthier skin when you cook with it  too. 

And that my friends are all the things that don’t just make you look good but FEEL good and look absolutely amazing in and out. 

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-Love, Sara. 

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