Men’s Essential Wardrobe: Part One

Men's Wear

It is very important to build an essential wardrobe no matter who you are, or what you do for a living. An essential wardrobe are your basics, casuals, business attire and weekend outfit. A collection of all you need to get through a stylish life, but it’s up to you how you put it together. Building your wardrobe is easy and (depends on where you shop) inexpensive. 

Since this topic is quite a length, this post is going to be part one of the Men’s Essential Wardrobe. The second half coming shorty after. 

The Navy Suit 

A saturated blue suit goes with every man, every occasion and many styles. Wear it as a pair or separates it’ll make every every outfit rock. 

Ralph Lauren

Tommy Hilfiger 


A Wool Coat


How to look great without trying too hard and stay warm in the northeastern winter do you ask? Well, two words: wool coat. You can easily pull one on and look dapper.


Michael Kors

Calvin Klein

Kenneth Cole

A Linen Shirt The Oh so classic linen shirt; of course you need one or two in your wardrobe. It’s cool, comfortable and breathable. Linen isn’t just for sheets on your mattress but also make snazzy dress wear too


Casual Linen Shirt


Chelsea Boots

I love this style boot for men like crazy. These are the ultimate “I’m-a-stylish-adult-male boot” ever. The style is just between casual and dressy and aren’t repulsive to any outfit. 

Marc Jacobs

Kurt Geiger Baxter


Gordon Rushmore

Gordon Rushmore

Dress Shoes 

Dress shoes are tricky when purchasing and choosing. There’s so many styles, leathers, and types to choose from. Lucky for you I’ve listed a few of my favorites below all in various forms. 
You only need one or two pairs depending on your profession or style; dress shoes are only suited if you’re really going to go all out in suit and cores see button up (all your button ups should be pressed). 

Stacy Adams


Stacy Adams

Massillon Matteo

Ted Baker

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