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Just Jewelry for Just A Cause… JustOliveTree.com Is a charity based online Jewelry shop who sell beaded bracelets each with a captivating meaning. The bracelets made of genuine olive wood, lava rocks and howlite stones that all represent peace whilst each of the four varieties carry their own much deeper meaning. Now you can carry a little peace of the Middle East with you where ever you go.


There are four different bracelets: Sea Of Hope, Call Of The Dove, Black Ash and Memories and Holy soil. They all come in sets of two, there are female and male sizes.  The beads used to create the bracelets are made of the shaved wood from the annual olive tree carvings. The olive trees are carved yearly to keep them healthy and stay strong. In the meantime, those carvings are recycled and put into good use. With every purchase, 25% of proceeds go to the Palestinian Children’s Relief Funds. The PCRF is a non-political and  life-saving organization. They also support medical missions to Palestine, refugee camps, Syria and Iraq. Imagine how much change JustOliveTree has made. You can become part of the help too. Each set retails for $22.50. With every purchase, it’s a reminder that you helped someone in need and carry a peace of the Middle East with you. Shop JustOliveTree bracelets below.

Sea Of Hope

Represents dreams, energy, and future generations. Sea Of Hope bracelet is made with genuine olive wood and turquoise howlite stone. $22.50

Call Of The Dove

The dove carrying the olive branch represents peace, freedom, and liberation. Call of The Dove bracelet is made with genuine olive wood and white howlite stone. $22.50

Black Ash and Memories 

My personal favorite- it’s a reminder of all who fought through difficulty, and to the ones that keep seeking for a brighter future. Black Ash and Memories bracelet is made of genuine olive wood and black lava rocks. $22.50

Holy Soil

Inspired by the soil of the Middle East. It’s glow and beauty that have grown the olives, figs, grapes and pomegranates for centuries. The holy soil bracelt is made of genuine olive wood and brown lava rocks. $22.50


Shop the collection here

Many thanks to the makers of JustOliveTree for their generous support to the PCRF. 

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8 thoughts on ““Just Jewelry for Just a Cause…””

    1. Thank you very much! That’s a very interesting piece. Check out justolivetree.com for full details on all of them.

  1. I own a pair of my own (Holy Soil) and I must say I am very pleased. This is an item that I wear everyday, and holds so much meaning for me. It’s also a great gift for friends, and I will defiantly be purchasing more in the near future. Thank you for this blog post!

    1. That’s great to hear thank you very much. They all represent something great to many individuals. I’m glad you have found one that meant dear to you.

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