How To Get Your Absolute Shit Together 



We often have episodes in our lives that look like a bowl of five different kinds of cereals swimming in grape juice and a spatula for a spoon. Some call it hectic, I call it pathetic. If your life looks or feels like that, then it’s time to get your absolute shit together. Organizing a life of school, work, parenting, etc. is hard, obviously. That’s why you have to make your own personal organization chart together. Although it’s rather difficult to begin the process, that’s what you’re reading this post for.  

To begin your personalized chart begin with what you usually do from the minute you wake up, for example: coffee, breakfast, reading a magazine. Jot it down and from there you can continue organizing your daily life. What you’re going to need is a journal or notebook – something with paper weaved together. 

I prefer a handwritten over typing it into your notes, you’ll have better memory of it, and there’s nothing bad about an little old school notebook. 

Writing down your daily activities is great to look back at, what you need, and what you shouldn’t concern yourself over. Rather than watching television on your spare time do things you’ve postponed for a few weeks, well if you’re that kind of person that postpones things for weeks. Or decide what you’re going to do the following day and record it in your journal. 

One thing that I always found satisfying in life was drawing. It’s a great way to focus and train your brain to be more imaginative and creative. This can help with your every day life, with work, children and school. Try to doodle a little here and there, you never know if you’re another lowkey artist. If you don’t find that it is helpful, explore more options and work on those. 

After weeks of writing in your life down, look back at it all and realize what you need and don’t need in your life. What to do, and when it’s the best time to do it. From there you’ve already got half your shit together. 

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