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In the past year I stumbled upon many bloggers- from fashion to beauty and most recently, lifestyle writers and content creators. After many hours of nonstop reading I became inspired to create my own blog. 

Now you see, for a while I’ve always had a niche for the fashion world. The energy and buzz of new clothes, trends and designers are always fun. Clothes are cool, and putting them together is fun and exciting, and that’s what I wanted to do; what I wanted to give people. Although, after actually starting I came to realize it’s harder than it looks. If becoming an influencer were easy, everyone would be doing it. 
Whilst spending more countless hours online trying to find more inspiration by an inspiring person to inspire me I came across many people that have. Although the blog still lacks sense of fashion and personal style, it’s gone a long way for now.



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The very first style blogger I found was the one and only Danielle Bernstein from Energetic, outgoing and bad-ass fashion sense she was never a dull moment. 

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One of my personal favorites, and will never seize to ooze love happens to be Aimee Song, writer and creator of I can honestly compare her to a living walking joyful basket of daisies. Loving, humble, graceful and always fashion forward, Song is one of the many bloggers that her style is something I can relate to. Also be sure to catch her book Capture Your Style! 

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A recent blogger I discovered via WordPress, and never the least the chicest minimalist women I’ve ever come across is There’s only three ways to describe her: cool, simple, chic. A women from Australia that literally has the best small wardrobe and often blogs about how you can begin your very own minimalist wardrobe, and many ways to wear anything. 
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Another lifestyle blogger, with a pretty rad Instagram feed, I came across Stephanie from on Twitter. Her work is relative and interactive, that’s what people want and need when seeking lifestyle ideas. Realistic and creative, she writes about ways to make a life a little less hectic and some bare necessities for your everyday life.

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On Twitter, I found a lot a bloggers that I’m grateful to have come across. Few of many caught my attention and had me visiting their blog constantly. Lifestyle bloggers were my favorite to revisit the most. They always knew what they were talking about and came up with new ideas. half of my posts where half inspired by these bloggers and half caffeine. 
I’d love for my readers to take some time and to check out some of these blogs, if it weren’t for some of these I wouldn’t have my own blog. So a little thank you to all the influencers big or small. Keep doing what you do because you just might change a life or two. 

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  1. I love this! Thanks for sharing all these blogs but yours is still my favorite to read only because I have no choice and you’re my daughter.

  2. You seem to not have only the skill of style but your word use is amazing in itself. Every post that you put up on this website only makes me want to read on to you other work. And when I do I’m never disappointed. Would love to see more from your creative mind!

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