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Tea, little leaves and maybe berries or sometimes everything else in between. The little mesh bags guided into your cup with a single string or no strings attached at all, are probably the most magical little mesh bags of them all.

Teas are often filled with multi antioxidants and health benefits coming from herbs.

As a tea fanatic and tried multiple different types of brands and flavors, I’ve narrowed down five magical mesh bags filled with joy that I have living in my cup like a hot tub every day. (yes I tea a lot)

The number one tea I absolutely can not live with out is peppermint tea. 100% herbal peppermint tea by Yogi is so refreshing to sip on and the aroma is as blissful. I have tried other unsaid brands in the same flavor however non were ever as satisfying.

The second is no doubt green tea. The antioxidants in green tea are sure to lift you up and make you feel amazing, that’s why i highly recommend drinking green tea 2-5 times a day. The brand preferred is Twinnings. The taste is not awfully bitter like some previous brands I have tried. The taste is just perfect, and i highly recommend to toss in a leaf or two of fresh mint. Trust me on that one, you’ll thank me once you have tried it.

Third on my never-ending list of magical bags is raspberry tea. Yes, fruit tea is my ultimate favorite tea ever! The brand i use is Ahmed Tea. Raspberry bits and black tea leaves combined is perfect for the evening.

Fourth, Lipton berry tea. A mix of berries in a pyramid-shaped bag for the ultimate blast of fruit flavored tea. In the bag there are dried real fruit pieces and black tea leaves.

And fifth but never the least on my list is Celestial’s sleepy time tea. Made with honey and camomile and other natural flavors. The combination to sooth your soul and mellow you out to calm and relax for better sleep.

I hope you found this post beneficial, and wish you a tea-riffic day. Share, comment, and subscribe. Much love, Sara. 

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