Weekly Muse

It’s been a narly winter, and with all hopes this weather calms down a notch. Every week from now on up I’m going to be sharing a whole list of all my favorite inspos and music. Stay tuned.  What I’ve been listening to these past weeks of the brutal North Eastern Winter season.  Ira Wolf […]

Skincare Routine 

For a while now there was always a minor battle between my skin and me. With every failed facial mask, and all the drying creams I decided to take a simpler route and it was the most effective non-complex routine I’ve had. Since my facial skin is sensitive and reacts to deep scrubs viciously I […]

Autumn Playlist 

There’s a lot of things that define us: the way we dress, the way we talk, the things we eat, etc. there are many, but I think the most important would be music. The tunes inspire us, the melody moves us, and the lyrics, well they speak to us. I’d always play my favorite indie […]

Seven Twenty Six AM 

Six thirty four am.  Another sleepless night and my mind is filled to the ridges. I’m going through the blog, and come to realize the “Uncategorized” section is my favorite. Being unspecified and filled with miscellaneous rambling from me is absolute perfection in my mind.  Recently I became mindful of standards, and how much I […]

Sweater Weather 

The temperatures dropped madly lately. One second it’s 70 the next 40. Now that it’s nippy outside- it’s officially sweater weather. Sweaters are a personal favorite of mine, why not share my favorites with you? Cable, mixed, cotton and wool blends. The most comfortable combination yet. The Turtleneck  Eventually everyone’s going to own a turtleneck […]


09/24/16 This fall I wanted to step a little away from the deep reds, purples and maroons and took a shot at neutrals for a change of color. There’s just something about browns and tans that really grab my attention. Since its officially fall, this calls for a giveaway! All neutral based colors and all […]

Be Tea-riffic

09/20/16 Tea, little leaves and maybe berries or sometimes everything else in between. The little mesh bags guided into your cup with a single string or no strings attached at all, are probably the most magical little mesh bags of them all. Teas are often filled with multi antioxidants and health benefits coming from herbs. […]

“Just Jewelry for Just a Cause…”

Just Jewelry for Just A Cause… JustOliveTree.com Is a charity based online Jewelry shop who sell beaded bracelets each with a captivating meaning. The bracelets made of genuine olive wood, lava rocks and howlite stones that all represent peace whilst each of the four varieties carry their own much deeper meaning. Now you can carry a little […]

Cold Shoulder 

Shoulder-baring tops and dresses have been the hit trend this summer. For an easy dress up, to street style, or even a casual outfit- the bare shoulder garments may just as well cause a new trendy tan line as well. They came back and are here to stay, well for now that is. And while […]

Men’s Wear

It is not always suits and ties. Men’s fashion has expanded far throughout time, and styles have changed. For men, they say there is not much options besides the typical. Nowadays men have a larger fashion stretch; from hair to accessories, and my personal favorite, shoes.  And I’m here to share the dos and donts, […]

Summer of Roses

Summer of Roses by stylemeshar featuring distressed jeans In this collection, I feature a cut out cross crop top, distressed boyfriend jeans, a shady pair of sunglasses, and a small collection of Michael Kors accessories, and a pair of his ballerina flats (which I’m dying over). I prefer the necklace layered with the choker, keep it […]